Atlas FasTRAC

Atlas FasTRAC is our secure on line order entry system and is specific to the customer's account where orders can be placed at ease, and tracked all the way through to completion.

No phone call necessary with order entry made quickly and easily from your computer.

Print your own waybill or label for your delivery.

Immediate access to delivery information even if the order was placed by someone else.

Use our 1-click Login for instant access from your desktop or browse.

Place an order faster than it takes to make a phone call.

Real time tracking of orders with POD information at your fingertips.

You can view, print and download reports in Excel format.

Atlas FasTRAC puts you in complete control of your orders from start to finish. To see how, view our Atlas FasTRAC DEMO.

If you already have an Atlas Courier Account and would like to apply for Atlas FasTRAC please complete our Atlas FasTRAC Application or call us at 604-875-1111.

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