Mobile Data

All Atlas Courier drivers carry hand held Mobile Data-Communication Units connecting them to our dispatchers in real-time. The devices allow them to communicate in data mode or by voice ensuring that all critical delivery information is passed to the driver immediately.

All orders are dispatched to our drivers by mobile data right to their hand held units. When the dispatcher sends the order to the courier all the information provided for the delivery is sent and is able to be viewed and updated. As the drivers pick up and deliver their shipments the updates are sent automatically to our dispatch system and are then updated in the order file.

The updated order information is also available in real time to our Atlas FasTRAC customers as they place their orders, track their shipments and print off their reports.

GPS / AVL - Automated Vehicle Location

With our GPS (Global Positioning System) Technology and using the Datatrac Mobility Web application our Dispatchers have up-to-the minute location tracking of our couriers in the Greater Vancouver Area.

We are able to provide our customers a higher level of service by:

Selecting which driver is the closest to the pick up point for the delivery

Timely updates on the driver's location and direction allows the dispatcher to make a quick decision in assigning the delivery and providing a quicker response time for the delivery

Identifying how long a driver has been at a location that requires additional time for loading or unloading the delivery

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