Technology Overview

Atlas Courier Ltd. was created to meet the demand for a quality courier service provider and management immediately realized the importance of information technology and the key role it would play in the on-demand courier industry.

In 1981, Atlas Courier became the first courier company in the Vancouver area to implement a customized computer system.  This system was specific to the courier industry and it handled order processing, driver settlement and customer billing as well as other administrative and reporting functions.  Since then Atlas Courier has forged ahead to continually add and upgrade our computer and communication systems.

In 1997, Atlas Courier ventured into a partnership with Datatrac Corporation, a pioneer and leading supplier of courier software in North America. Their state of the art COPS system allowed us to offer our customers increased flexibility from account set up options, to remote order processing, dispatching with mobile data and voice as well as numerous invoicing options.

In 2002, along with our remote order processing system we were able to offer our customers on-line order processing.  Setting up an Atlas FasTRAC account allowed our customers to place their own orders, track shipments and view POD's when shipments were delivered as well as run reports detailing delivery and charge information. Since 2003, we have been emailing invoices to our customers and offer direct deposit and credit card payment options.

Today our 1-Click SmartLogin desktop application  provides immediate access to your Atlas FasTRAC account just with one click of your mouse.

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