COVID-19 June Update

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COVID-19 Update

Atlas Courier is proud to continue providing an essential service to Canadians as everyone does their part to stop the spread of the virus. Our top priority from the start has been to ensure we are doing everything possible to keep our people, our customers and the communities we serve, safe. We started by  implementing significant changes right across our operations following the guidance of national and local public health authorities. We continue to work with WorkSafe to follow guidelines and ensure that all our operations meet safety guidelines, regulations and recommendations.

In the last few weeks, we have seen an increase in volumes as Canadians are staying home and shopping more online. We are working hard to respond to this demand in a responsible manner. Most of our office-based staff continue to work remotely and are available via email and phone to assist with any customer requirements. In our processing facilities the important safety measures that we have implemented help keep everyone safe but do mean that it is taking us longer to process orders. Those measures include physical-distancing in facilities that were never designed for keeping people 2 meters apart and regular sanitization misting by a certified cleaning contractor, during which our facility has to temporarily suspend operations. With these measures in place we continue to service all of customers, across all our normal regions and have been delivering in record numbers for this time of year.

We have provided our staff with PPE and wherever possible have gone beyond the mandatory basics; sanitizer stations across our facilities have been supplemented by a 3rd party professional deep clean biweekly, and commercial grade disinfectant distribution systems have been installed to allow for thorough cleaning of vehicles, equipment, and all common touch surfaces.

We continue to share with our workforce the importance of following all safety protocols including monitoring for symptoms and reaching out for medical assistance as needed. Our Business Continuity Planning team continues to meet every day and monitor the situation.

We have also implemented important changes to the way we deliver and the way we operate to keep our employees and customers safe.

  1. Knock-Drop and Go
  2. Signature Requirement Waived
  3. Maintain social distancing while picking up or dropping off packages
  4. Follow protocols requested by the customer
  5. Customers have the option to communicate how they’d like their orders delivered. They may include a note like “Please leave my package at the door” or “ring my doorbell and leave in the lobby.”

We thank all our customers for their continued understanding and support for the measures we have put in place for everyone’s safety.

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